Drawing and painting Capoani

By Eduardo, 24/10/2011

We love when we see a different work and creative, a job with emotion, It's not even? Today we hope to inspire you with the art of designer Capoani, so you can see the world through other eyes; expanding the mind,think beyond the limits and notice the details of the world that we have our front.

We did an interview and we took some photos of your drawings. In its portfolio are hundreds of designs.

Recently his work was on display at the 9th Contemporary Art Salon of the city of Marília. Capoani also participated in the Workshop on contemporary art in the first exhibition at the Casa da Cultura de Lençóis Paulista.

Name: José Maurício Capoani
Artistic name: Capoani
art: drawing and painting
In technical drawing: India ink, gel pen, Pencil on paper A3 p 200gr/m²
Techniques for painting: oil paint on canvas and acrylic paint on canvas.

When you started designing?
Capoani: since childhood I have always had ease in draw. When I'm on the phone and I have some paper around, start doing some scribbles with crayons and when I see the whole sheet filled with drawings.

What is the best time to draw?
Capoani: I like the silence, so,I really like create and draw at dawn. Like drawing animals, people, everything that comes into my head.

And about the painting ... what you're painting?
Capoani: I'm painting portions of the drawings. As the designs contains several small drawings I amplio and trustful in painting. Is a business too crazy this transformation.

Contact the artist:
zelaocapoani@hotmail.com (msn)
(014)8126-9000 (Mobile)
(014)9759-0850 (Mobile)

  • Capoani in action:

José Maurício Capoani and Nelson Pelais

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