Festival Unplug The System 2015

By Eduardo, 14/10/2015

São Paulo – In July 2015, We did an acoustic presentation on CFS in a festival of acoustic music called UNPLUG THE SYSTEM. It was a very good experience performing live at my father's side.

The songs we were these:

  • My Home (Nelson Pelais)
  • Seeds of life (Nelson Pelais)
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow(Israel kamakawiwo ole ’)
  • Girl from Ipanema (Tom Jobim)
  • A hustler (Zé Ramalho)
  • Brave New Cattle (Zé Ramalho)
  • I'm sorry (Nelson Pelais)

Address of the Festival: http://www.cfserpro.com.br/unplug-the-system-2015/

Photo taken by: Ewerton Azevedo.

The music video for my home

By Eduardo, 08/09/2013

This video plays the song my home with photographs taken on the island of Florianopolis (Floripa) in the State of Santa Catarina in Brazil. Has an important detail, the photos were taken outside the high season, were taken in winter.

A touch more to Christmas

By Eduardo, 11/12/2012

Christmas is an important date, We celebrate many times with delicious dishes, jokes of the type secret friend and gift exchange. The streets and the houses are adorned with colorful lights, This is all a way to celebrate the anniversary's of Jesus Christ and the Christmas spirit flowing in the air.

Aside from all the good things already mentioned above, last year here at home, We caprichamos in the music also, because good music can mark this moment forever. A friend of ours the Luiz (LAM) We recommended a CD with Christmas carols, Thanks Luiz!

I'm talking about the CD "ukulele Christmas-Happy Christmas". The great charm of this CD will go to the samba instruments and chorinho (ukulele, mandolin and percussion). At home turned into a Christmas with the Brazilian way… congratulations to all involved in this work.

The songs are these:

1. Jingle Bells

2. Happy holidays

3. Noite Feliz (Silent Night)

4. The Good Old Man

5. White Christmas

6. Jesus joy of man

7. Happy Xmas (War is Over)

8. Children's Christmas

9. Man of Nazareth

10. José (Joseph)

11. What a Wonderful World

12. Ave Maria

The most played song at home was that of "Good old man", Octávio Child music. Earlier we wrote an article about this song, because she was the source of inspiration for my father to become a musician.

Read the article First contact with music

Capa do CD Natal de Cavaquinho - Natal Feliz

You will find this CD on the internet or in CD shops, Search to buy, There's still time to prepare the songs to play. It is clear that this is not advertisement! We are not making money from this, rs.

Merry Christmas friends!

We would like also to thank the numerous hits that we had in the last year. Messages of praise sent by e-mail through the contact channel. People are accessing and listening to the music from the four corners of the world. Thank you!

Drawing and painting Capoani

By Eduardo, 24/10/2011

We love when we see a different work and creative, a job with emotion, It's not even? Today we hope to inspire you with the art of designer Capoani, so you can see the world through other eyes; expanding the mind,think beyond the limits and notice the details of the world that we have our front.

We did an interview and we took some photos of your drawings. In its portfolio are hundreds of designs.

Recently his work was on display at the 9th Contemporary Art Salon of the city of Marília. Capoani also participated in the Workshop on contemporary art in the first exhibition at the Casa da Cultura de Lençóis Paulista.

Name: José Maurício Capoani
Artistic name: Capoani
art: drawing and painting
In technical drawing: India ink, gel pen, Pencil on paper A3 p 200gr/m²
Techniques for painting: oil paint on canvas and acrylic paint on canvas.

When you started designing?
Capoani: since childhood I have always had ease in draw. When I'm on the phone and I have some paper around, start doing some scribbles with crayons and when I see the whole sheet filled with drawings.

What is the best time to draw?
Capoani: I like the silence, so,I really like create and draw at dawn. Like drawing animals, people, everything that comes into my head.

And about the painting ... what you're painting?
Capoani: I'm painting portions of the drawings. As the designs contains several small drawings I amplio and trustful in painting. Is a business too crazy this transformation.

Contact the artist:
zelaocapoani@hotmail.com (msn)
(014)8126-9000 (Mobile)
(014)9759-0850 (Mobile)

  • Capoani in action:

José Maurício Capoani and Nelson Pelais

new music in the air – Travel

By Eduardo, 08/03/2011

It is with great pleasure that we present to you this exclusive new recording. This song is called Trip.

Click here to listen -share with a friend if possible, much obliged.

Good music.

Pato Fu ao vivo – Planet in the Park 2011

By Eduardo, 23/01/2011

São Paulo – on the eve of the anniversary of the city that will complete day 25 January 457 years, the band mining Pato Fu performed live at Ibirapuera Park on their tour “Music Toy” on Saturday morning.

The stage was mounted in the Marquise of Ibirapuera Park. The Sun was very strong and when the band started playing the public out of the shadow for approaching the stage and enjoy the show. The singer made by Fernanda Takai a joke about sunscreen: - anyone with sunscreen that lend to fellow hand because the Sun is very strong.

The show was quite different and fun, because the band used toy instruments and lots of creativity to produce the most varied kinds of sounds.

This show was part of a schedule that will happen between days 22 and 25 January 2011 in defense of forests – Planet in the Park 2011, the event shall promote workshops and fun for all ages.

More about the event:

Programming – Planet in the Park 2011

More photos of the show

I – Pato Fu

new music in the air – Wrong Decision

By nelsonpelais, 16/01/2011

Reached record documentation wrong decision and share music with exclusivity for you here on our blog the launch of this single. The letter comes choices and was written in the genre rock.

Click here to listen

Learn more this new work and publish it to a friend if possible, much obliged.

Good music!

Youth orchestra Sugarloaf celebrates Christmas

By Eduardo, 13/12/2010

For the second time the orchestra Young Sugar Loaf was presented to all employees of SERPRO live in the hall of the company in Sao Paulo. And again thrilled the audience with their talented presentation.

All instruments of the orchestra are string. The institute form of music young people aged 10 and 18 years, they enter the institution without knowing how to play any musical instrument and leave graduates with a strong theoretical basis and practical. This opportunity opens up new horizons in the lives of young people through human development through music for themselves and their families.

The numbers are impressive, this program has 1998 and has totaled 10 thousand students. The course lasts one to two years, are performed 2 lessons per week at the headquarters of the Institute located in Osasco, Santos, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza. Participants who excel can participate in orchestras, Pão de Açúcar to complete 21 years.

During a break between songs, and other, Maestro conversed with the crowd and said that the orchestra toured the U.S. and Argentina this year and it was a success, all presentations were filled for the first time a Brazilian orchestra was invited to play at Disney.

Apresentação da orquestra Jovem Grupo Pão de Açúcar no SERPRO São Paulo

Presentation of the Youth Orchestra Group Sugarloaf SERPRO in Sao Paulo

More information:
Pão de Açúcar – Press
Pão de Açúcar – Initiatives responsabilidade social and environmental

Miss the music launch party

By nelsonpelais, 12/10/2010

It is with great pleasure that we are publishing for you to record one more song.

Now it's time for music Nostalgia of entourage. This song recalls the good times of life as a pawn of party; his recollections are told in this song.

A curiosity: Fellowship of cattle is a group of pedestrians who leads the cattle from farms to cities in Business, or on other farms. It is part of the entourage berranteiro, or pointer, the person who is engaged in playing the horn to drive the cattle, so it is possible to warn about the dangers and the progress of the troop, is a form of communication between pedestrians and animals.

Click here to listen

Learn more this new work and publish it to a friend if possible, much obliged.

Good music.

Happy in Rio, new music in the air…

By nelsonpelais, 05/08/2010
Homenagem à cidade do Rio de Janeiro com a música Feliz no Rio.

Bay of Botafogo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Tribute to the wonderful city, that was the inspiration to compose the song Happy in Rio you can hear here on the site exclusively. Good music!

Listen now - Happy in Rio, Nelson Pelais

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